As with all forms of social dancing there is an etiquette to line dancing. In general all line dancing clubs are friendly and informal but it helps to know the basic rules of the dance floor.

Line dancing is part of the Country & Western dancing genre and so you often find that on the dance floor there are line dancers and partner dancers.
Line dancers dance in the middle of the floor. Partner dancers dance in an anti-clockwise direction around the outer edges of the dance floor. Partner dancers have priority. If you are line dancing and you see partner dancers approaching, keep your steps small and give them the space to pass by you.

For line dancing floor etiquette is as follows:

  • Always walk around the edge of the dance floor
  • Avoid walking through lines of moving dancers
  • Don’t stay on the floor to talk – if music is playing go off the dance floor to chat
  • When dancing near beginners – encourage them and help them whenever possible
  • Only start a different dance if there is room and you sense it would be acceptable
  • If the floor is crowded, take small steps, enjoy the company, but for watch collisions
  • It is nice to give applause when dancing to live acts
  • If possible start another line rather than join one that will block the outside lanes
  • Don’t be tempted to stop dancing to teach, go off the floor to teach
  • If you are first up on the dance floor go to the front so others can fall in behind you
  • Finally, keep your head up, keep smiling and enjoy yourselves